Why Choose Us?

Keep in mind that aligners, like braces, are simply a tool. The skill and experience of the Doctor and clinical team at Miller Orthodontics are what allow that tool to achieve a great smile.

If you have been told before you were not a candidate for Aligners, please contact us for a complimentary second opinion. The technology is rapidly changing, allowing more complex cases to be treated. Or perhaps that doctor was not as trained or skilled, and didn't feel comfortable treating your case with Aligners.

Aligners are the same everywhere, right?

Definitely Not!

Aligners are not the same everywhere. And the skill, training and experience of the doctor is critical to giving you the best smile and results.

Just think of cars – there is a big difference between a Ferrari and a Prius! There are many different brands of Aligners, and some are poor quality. We only use the best Aligner systems on the market – Invisalign and 3M Clarity.

But just as important as the type of car is the driver! The best race car driver in the world is quite different than putting your Great Aunt Susie behind the wheel of a Ferrari! Just because a dentist “uses Invisalign” — that doesn’t mean they are very skilled or experienced…. Dr. Miller has treated nearly 1000 patients with aligners, and has completed numerous certifications, including the Invisalign Master’s Class. He’s even published articles on Aligners (click here).

Orthodontic treatment is a big investment, and you deserve the best care that Orange County has to offer.

What about my General Dentist?

Yes, many general dentists do offer Aligners in their office. Some dabble in it, and treat very few patients a year. There is a huge range of skill level and training, and the standard of care varies widely. What one dentist might consider a ‘satisfactory’ final result, might be something an orthodontist would call a poorly finished result. Just like in the Forrest Gump movie when he stated, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Because of 3 years of extra residency training, Orthodontists typically have a tremendous amount more experience, skill and expertise. Keep in mind that all day, every day, that is all Dr. Miller does — move teeth with Braces and Aligners. A typical orthodontist may treat 100-200 more Aligner patients each and every year than even a busy general dentist!!

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