3D Printing Lab

3D printing in Orthodontics is an exciting new technology. To deliver on this potential, we utilize the SprintRay Pro 3D Printer -- the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop 3D printer in the field. Miller Orthodontics has team members dedicated to expanding the application of printing to orthodontics to make treatment more comfortable, faster and with better outcomes.

Fast. Accurate. Easy.

After digitally scanning your teeth with our iTero Scanner, the scan is automatically uploaded to the printer over WiFi.

The custom projector in SprintRay Pro delivers high-intensity light
evenly across the build surface which hardens the liquid resin. This gives perfect, accurate prints every time.

We can even handle the largest jobs – printing 10 models at a time!! SprintRay Pro features
a large build plate and rapid print speeds to meet the needs of our office. We can print a set of resin models of your teeth in under 30 minutes!

Retainers - Quick & Precise

With our 3D printer, we can make a set of brand new retainers in under 1 hour! After a quick 5 minute intraoral scan, the resin models are printed in under 30 minutes. Those resin models are then used to fabricate crystal clear retainers with a pressurized BioStar machine, then trimmed to fit precisely to your teeth.

Multiple set of retainers can be made quickly and easily using the same resin models! When we deliver the new retainers to you, the resin models are for your to keep. If you ever needed a new set of retainers, we can simply use the existing model that you bring to us, or re-print a new set!!

Sprint Ray PRO 3D Printer

SprintRay Pro 95 is the perfect 3D printer for orthodontic offices that want to deliver great results. Featuring unmatched throughput, high accuracy, and a high flexibility, Pro95 is the right choice. Incredible accuracy, repeatability, and user-friendliness means we can always deliver an outstanding patient experience.

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