No Referrals - No Costs - No Worries

No referrals are needed to become a member of our 7 and UP Club. Your child will receive FREE consultation and observation appointments until they are ready to start treatment. No obligations! We will give you an honest opinion about when treatment is necessary.

3 Great Reasons For an Early Consultation

Prevent A Problem

Would you want to know if your child had an underlying orthodontic problem? Did you know that half of what goes on in your child’s mouth happens below the surface? Preventing problems is easier and less costly than correcting them later.

Treat At The Right Time

The American Association of Orthodontists highly recommends that children have a consultation at age 7 because this is generally when the permanent teeth begin to erupt and the jaws are developing. Missing the opportunity to examine your child can lead to invasive treatments in the future. When possible we like to treat patients without extracting permanent teeth or referring for surgery.

Get Treated By An Expert

As a parent, you want the best for your children, so it only makes sense to seek out an orthodontic expert. Dr. Shawn Miller is a Board Certified orthodontist and a leader in his field. Be careful of getting treatment from your Primary Care General Dentist or a Pediatric Dentist! Braces are NOT their expertise! Our practice is consistently voted a top Orthodontic practice in OC Living magazines.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will my child need braces and if so, when?
  • Will teeth need to be extracted?
  • Will an expansion appliance be part of the treatment?


  • How much will it cost?
  • Do you have payment plans?
  • How can I maximize insurance, FSA, HSA benefits?


  • Does my child feel comfortable with the doctors and team?
  • Were my child's concerns or fears addressed?
  • Is this the right fit for our family?

We believe in giving parents advanced knowledge of the orthodontic process. Whether it is to add funds to their flex plan, change insurance plans, or to ask more questions -- we want everyone to feel comfortable with getting treatment at Miller Orthodontics.

Top 3 Orthodontic Warning Signs

Open Bite

Cause: Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting or just genetics
Issue: Speech issues, chewing problems, excessive wear/pressure on back teeth, possible TMJ problems


Cause: Top teeth behind or inside bottom teeth from poor growth pattern
Issue: Chewing issues, chipping/break front teeth, gum recession on lower teeth


Cause: Not enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt properly due to small jaws or early loss of baby teeth
Issue: Difficult to brush/floss, possible gum recession, teeth possibly will get stuck and not erupt properly

It is much better to fix small problems so they don't turn into bigger ones.

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