One Size Fits One™

Did you know that over the past 100 years Braces really haven't changed much?? That each patient, no matter how young or old, got basically the same set of stock, standard braces? Does that make sense? Of course not!

We’re excited to now offer CUSTOM MADE CLEAR BRACES for ALL of our patients. These 3D-printed braces that are
made to fit your teeth perfectly, which means an efficient, more discreet, and more comfortable treatment from start to finish.

World's ONLY Custom Clear Braces

Ultimately, LightForce braces offer a custom fit for every patient, which means less discomfort, more effective straightening, and shorter treatments. LightForce is the next generation of tooth straightening: It’s more efficient, more personalized, and more convenient than any other option on the market.

Why are CUSTOM Braces important?

LightForce offers:

● Efficient Treatment (thanks to braces that are designed to exactly match your teeth)
● Ideal Results (thanks to digital treatment planning and more effective bracket technology)
● Perfect Fit (thanks to digital scans, perfectly-fitting braces)

Every LightForce treatment plan is individually designed based on your unique tooth shape, jawline, and facial structure, enabling a perfect fit throughout the straightening process. Spend less time in the orthodontist’s chair, and more time living your life.

👀 into custom braces. Why? Because no one tooth is the same. Your teeth are as unique as
snowflakes. To get the fastest and most comfortable treatment you have to customize each
individual bracket to perfectly fit each individual tooth.

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