Teen Aligners

In the past, Clear Aligners were for adults and braces were for teenagers. That is no longer true, especially at Miller Orthodontics where we responded to increasing demand from our teen population by learning how to solve teenage bite problems using aligners. Now we are proud to offer Orange County's teenagers the many benefits of clear aligners. Invisalign has built in certain features to the Teen product that allow for its use in just about every situation that we would previously have used braces. Dr. Miller has his own internal clinical protocols for Teen aligner cases that have developed over many years of experience treating teenagers with clear aligners.

What is the benefit?

Better Hygiene
With aligners, your teen will simply remove the aligners, then brush and floss normally. It is much, much easier to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy with aligners than with braces. No food getting stuck, no staining of the teeth and no difficulty flossing around the wires.

Less Emergencies
With aligners, there are much fewer emergency appointments. No broken braces, no pokey wires, no mouth sores.

Less Appointments
Using our Dental Monitoring system, appointments with aligners are up to 16 weeks apart! With braces we see patients every 6-8 weeks, so this means you will have potentially half as many trips to our office! More time for homework and extracurricular activities!

The are crystal clear, so no one can tell you’re wearing them. The small attachments bonded to the teeth blend in seamlessly.

Aren't they more expensive?

At Miller Orthodontics, treatment is the SAME cost with either Aligners or Ceramic (Clear) Braces. This is made possible due to the fact that Dr. Miller is a top aligner provider (Gold Plus with Invisalign and an Early Adopter with 3M Clarity Aligners). Plus we don’t charge you when you lose a few aligners. Financing options are the same as braces — flexible down payments and interest-free monthly payments.

Is it right for my Teen?

There is no reason to feel as a teenager that you are stuck with braces as your only treatment option! Check out #Invisalignsmile on Instagram to see other teens just like you showing off their amazing smiles or have your parents schedule a free consult with us to assess your specific case.

Our experience in providing care with aligners means we can solve nearly all orthodontic problems just as efficiently as we can with traditional braces. Even in rare cases when that means switching to braces (due to poor compliance from the teen), we will make it easy and affordable to make the switch.

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