INBRACE (Hidden Braces)

Hidden away behind your teeth, InBrace gently corrects the alignment of your teeth using our revolutionary Smartwire™. No visible wires. No trays. Just wow.

A more comfortable experience. Results that show sooner. And a treatment that understands you’ve got bigger things to do.


INBRACE® is a convenient new treatment that improves your smile without anyone knowing. The Smartwire® is applied only by an orthodontist to the back of your teeth, so the entire process is truly hidden. Even though INBRACE is invisible to the rest of the world, you’ll start seeing visible results in just weeks instead of having to wait until your braces are removed.


After your case is assessed, we scan your teeth and INBRACE’s advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms determine the most efficient way to improve your smile. Then a custom Smartwire is designed just for you and your unique anatomy.

  • The Smartwire is applied to the back of your teeth by an orthodontist so it’s invisible to the rest of the world.
  • The unique design allows you to brush & floss normally throughout treatment, so your teeth & gums stay healthy.
  • INBRACE uses GentleForce technology which provides an efficient and comfortable treatment experience.

Why INBRACE Is Different

The Smartwire Is Unlike Anything Else …

  • Don’t look like a teenager! INBRACE is state of the art orthodontic treatment that is truly hidden.
  • After it’s applied to the back of your teeth, GentleForce technology keeps your teeth moving gradually and continuously.
  • Keep enjoying things you love. Drink red wine and coffee throughout treatment without worrying about staining plastic.
  • Ideal for sports and comparable with mouthguards.
  • Fewer trips to the orthodontist than plastic aligners or traditional braces.

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