How long will Invisalign take?

The duration of Invisalign treatment varies based on individual cases, determined by the complexity of alignment issues and the chosen Invisalign plan. In Orange and Aliso, CA, at Miller Braces.

What are the levels for Invisalign treatment?

  • Level 1: Typically addresses minor bite problems or slight misalignments, often completed in less than a year.
  • Level 2: Deals with more pronounced bite concerns, extending over a year for comprehensive realignment.
  • Level 3: Tackles complex misalignments, potentially requiring two years or more for extensive treatment.

Upon consultation at Miller Braces in Orange and Aliso, CA, our experts assess your unique dental situation and discuss treatment goals. Utilizing 3D digital impressions, they offer a personalized estimate of the anticipated treatment duration.

Adherence to the recommended wear schedule—typically 20 to 22 hours daily—is crucial for optimal results within the estimated timeframe. Regular check-ups at Miller Braces ensure progress and allow for any necessary adjustments during your Invisalign treatment.

At Miller Braces, our aim is to provide effective and efficient Invisalign treatment, tailored to your needs, ultimately delivering a confident, beautifully aligned smile.”

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