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Free Smile Analysis

What are the next steps?

  • Dr. Miller will review your photos and all of the information you sent us
  • We will get back to you within 2-4 business days
  • One of our team members will provide you with a general estimate of time and range of treatment costs based on Dr. Miller’s initial assessment of the photos you provided
  • Once you are ready to proceed with treatment, you will schedule a time to come to our office to take your orthodontic records (digital teeth scans, x-rays, photographs), and have an examination with Dr. Miller to finalize your plan and start your treatment.

Examples of images to upload

What will happen next?

Fitting appointment

After your in-office consultation, once you decide to proceed with treatment, we’ll book you for a fitting appointment. This is the moment when our orthodontic specialist, Dr Miller, will fit your braces or aligners on your teeth. It’s an exciting time because it’s the start of your journey to a beautiful smile.

Regular appointments

Throughout your treatment, you’ll need to come in for regular appointments every 6-10 weeks, so we can track the progress of your teeth. If you’re wearing braces, we’ll adjust them at these appointments, and if you’re wearing Aligners, we’ll give you the next sets.  Regular visits are important so Dr. Miller can ensure your teeth are moving as they should be.

Clean teeth for excellent results

It is very important that you brush and floss your teeth throughout your treatment. The cleaner and healthier your teeth, the better your results. We’ll show you the best way to clean your teeth, so you can be sure of a beautiful smile at the end of treatment.  Please continue to see your primary care dentist for regular checkups and cleanings!

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